Recent Film Credits

  • When My Time Comes with Diane Rehm

Director of Photography for this feature documentary. The film is a series of conversations with former NPR host and esteemed journalist Diane Rehm discussing the issue of medical aid in dying. (2020-21)

  • What the World Needs Now, Words by Hal David - PBS National
  • Director of Photography for the PBS National special takes a look at the life of lyricist Hal David. Hal teamed up with composer Burt Bacharach to become one of pop music's most successful duos. The show is hosted by Bette Midler and includes extensive interviews with Dionne Warwick. (2020)

Mr. Rogers, It's You I Like

  • Director of Photography for this PBS National special celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the Mister Roger's Neighborhood television show. The show is hosted by actor Michael Keaton and it features interviews with Yo-Yo Ma and Carroll Spinney who played the character of Big Bird on Sesame Street. (2019)

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman - National Geographic Channel Director of Photography for the popular series hosted by Morgan Freeman exploring different religious beliefs. (2017)

  • Breakthrough - National Geographic Channel
  • Director of Photography for film series about scientific breakthroughs in "Addiction" and "Electricity". (2017)

USO - For The Troops - PBS National

Director of Photography for PBS special about the history of the USO. (2016)

The White House: Inside Story - PBS National

Director of Photography for PBS special about the history of The White House. (2016)

Breakthrough - National Geographic Channel

Director of Photography for film series on scientific breakthroughs. "Fighting Pandemics" and "Decoding the Brain" (2016)

Independent Feature Documentaries, Director of Photography

"Follow Me" The Jonathan Netanyahu Story - The story of a young soldier who struggled to find the balance between the people and the nation he loved. (2012)

"Paper Clips 2" - Sequel to the multi award winning film about students from a small rural town in Tennessee learning about the Holocaust. (2012)

“Project Happiness” – This film features 3 groups of students from around the world all studying from a book written by the Dalai Lama. Their search for the true meaning of happiness is highlighted when they ask the Dalai Lama himself about the subject. (2009)

“Bedford, the Town They Left Behind” – Independent feature examines the people of the small town of Bedford, VA. On the 1st day of the D-Day invasion they had the highest per capita casualties of anywhere in America. The town’s dedication and sacrifice for freedom examines what the true cost of war really is as the latest generations leave for the Iraq war. (2009)

"Bonhoffer" -A film study of the life of philosopher and Nazi resistor Dietrich Bonhoeffer (2003)

Discovery Networks Specials, Director of Photography

“Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman” – A series of 1 hour science documentaries with topics such as what are we made of? Is time travel possible? Hosted and narrated by Morgan Freeman. (2010 -2017)

"Gold Rush - The Dirt" - Director of Photography for the studio based talk show featuring the crew of The Discovery Channel's reality series " Gold Rush" (2013-2015)

"Nightmare Next Door" Cinematic re-creations paint the pictures of murder crimes from the past. Classic who done it! (2012)

"Finding Amelia" - Re-Creations for documentary about Amelia Earhardt and new evidence that she may have landed on a remote south pacific island. (2010)

”Hoarders: Buried Alive” - Original pilot for the currently popular and successful Discovery series (2009)

“Stuff Happens” - A fun and interesting science series hosted by Bill Nye (2008)

“Chain of Command” - A one hour special about the chain of events that transpire during a military crisis (2006)

“Jackpot! Inside America’s Lottery Winners” - A film featuring a New Hampshire couple that won $66 Million in the lottery (2005)

“HALO: Freefall Warriors” - A 2 hour special on America’s most elite military parachute team (2004)

“The Oracle at Delphi” - Historians study the ancient Greek temple in Delphi (2003)

“Island of the Pigmy Mammoth” - California’s Channel Islands reveal remains of pigmy mammoth fossil skeletons (2002)

National Geographic Television, Director of Photography

"Lampshade" A Jewish New York writer aquires a World War II era lampshade believed to be made of human skin. (2012)

“The Microkillers” – 4 one-hour series about infectious diseases (2005)

“Riddles of the Dead” – A series of six, 1-hour documentaries shot in Brazil, Romania, Italy, Serbia, Croatia, Russia and England (2001-2003)

“Inside Mecca” – A National Geographic Special about the Muslim religion (2003)

“Lost Subs” – A film on submarine disasters: The Kirsk (2002)

“Super Croc” – A two-hour special on the discovery of a prehistoric giant crocodile, featuring paleontologist Paul Sereno and Dr. Brady Barr (2001)

“The Pigeon Murders” – A study of pigeons as a part of growing urban wildlife (2000) National Emmy Award Winner

“Fearsome Frogs” – A look at the life of frogs as predators (2000)

“The Secret Life of Cats” – A film about the effect of domestic cats on local wildlife. National Emmy Award in Lighting category! (1998)

“The Idolmakers” – A behind-the-scenes look at the cameramen of NFL Films (1997)

“Violent Volcano” – A documentary about the destruction of a tropical paradise on Montserrat (1997)

National and Local Commercials, Director of Photography

Over 40 - 30 sec. and 15 commercials for IKEA (2006 – 2008)

A series of 1-minute commercial spots for Discovery Health Channel, sponsored by Clorox (2004)

A series of 16 mm film commercials for the Greater Southeast Hospitals, Washington, DC (2002)

35 mm promotional spots for the National Geographic Channel (2001)

30 sec. commercial for PEPCO; Washington Metropolitan Area power company. (1999)

CBS Affiliate WUSA-TV, Washington, DC 1999 promotional image campaign. (1999)

A series of 30-second political ads shot on 35-mm film for “People for the American Way”. (1998)

International Olympic Committee, Cinematographer

“16 Days of Glory, The Nagano Games” – The Official Film of the 1998 Winter Olympic Games. Directed and produced by Bud Greenspan. (1998)

“Atlanta’s Glory” – The Official Film of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. Directed by Bud Greenspan. (1996)